About Shany Porras

Artist Statement

Shany Porras’s abstract paintings visually communicate, or translate, what is experienced through music regardless of genre or musical period. Her classical music training when young has meant that music remains an essential part of her daily living. She ‘sees’ music as an abstract language, and she translates music to paintings, much in the same way she would translate one language to another. Her motivation is to extend the reach of music and painting to many people.

Shany Porras chooses music that is inspirational to her, selecting from topics such as Greek mythology, her home country of Venezuela, or simply today’s popular or politically charged music. Each painting is unique to each musical piece, and it is clear that the selection of medium, including acrylic paint, graphite, wax crayons, ink, and spray paint, among others, hinges on the artist’s interpretation of the abstract language of music. Her art is deeply influenced by Bauhaus and the American abstract painters of the 20th century, borrowing from their techniques, and applying them as needed to translate music.

You can find me frequenting Tanglewood in the Summers, and the local, Boston orchestras in the Winter. A portion of my revenue goes to support musical charities.

Artist Bio

Shany Porras has a B.A. and a B.F.A. from Rice University in Houston, Texas.  At Rice, Shany started as an architecture major, then transferred into the Fine Art program after her sophomore year, where she focused on painting and lithography, establishing a foundation of abstract art. Conception Arts and CAFA have awarded Shany's art in juried shows with Honorable Mentions.  Shany currently maintains a studio in Framingham, and actively shows in both juried and groups shows around New England and New York City. Shany is an associate member of the National Association of Women Artists (NAWA) and the Cambridge Art Association (CAA).

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